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Last Update - 05/21/2018

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What is SolidTrustPay?

SolidTrustPay was designed so that anyone with an email account can send or receive SolidTrust Pay funds. SolidTrustPay believes that online business professionals need advanced payment systems - we will strongly compete to be your provider of choice. We are the most flexible and user-friendly payment processor online today.

About SolidTrustPay

SolidTrustPay will not "freeze" or "suspend" your account for businesses such as Network Marketing or MLM Income Opportunities. We will, however, suspend any account that is found to be involved in any fraudulent or malicious activity, including impersonating a SolidTrustPay representative or attempting to gain other SolidTrustPay users passwords. Any decision made by SolidTrustPay, its officers, or representatives will be final.

Solid and Secure
256bit SSL security ensures top level privacy and encryption. Your $$ is safe!

Flexible Purchasing Options
Visa/Mastercard, Certified Cheques/Money Orders and Bank Wires, VirtualMoney Debit Card, and Direct Bank Account.

Open for Business
In addition to traditional businesses, STPay welcomes MLM, Affiliate and Network Marketing Companies, Traffic Exchanges, Matrix Models, PTR, PTC and Membership/Subscription Companies, EBay and other Auction Stores.

Low Fees - Fast Withdrawals
More cash in your pocket! Withdraw easily to many options, including the fully insured VirtualMoney Debit Card.

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